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Want a complexion as flawless as a cover girl? Paint your way to perfection with this makeup artist staple that works wonders for application of HIGH DEFINITION HEALTHY FX FOUNDATION, FUNCTION5 SELF-ADJUSTING POWDER FOUNDATION, ARTIFICIAL LIGHT or SKIN TINT. The non-makeup-absorbing bristles flawlessly apply foundation or cream cheek color, giving you just the right amount of coverage without wasting any product.


price: $72.00 inc GST

For perfect application of HIGH DEFINITION HEALTHY FX FOUNDATION, pump a small amount of foundation onto to FOUNDATION BRUSH #13, then apply starting at the center of your face and blending outward. For full matte foundation coverage, wet FOUNDATION BRUSH #13 and use it to apply FUNCTION5 SELF-ADJUSTING POWDER FOUNDATION to face, then sweep the sponge over dry powder and apply where needed.

Hair: Synthetic, Handle: Wood