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The Artists


Favourite product? 

1. CC Spot Concealer
Clever 24 hour coverage for even the most stubborn of spots or pigmentation. 

2. Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
Quenches thirsty skins so foundation blends beautifully and looks perfect all day.

Favourite Feature?  
Eyes. No matter what shape, with clever shading using colours that compliment the iris, everyones can look amazing. 


What inspires you? 
I think it's important to be open minded and allow beauty to find you. I draw inspiration from social settings, cultural references, beauty blogs, TV and film and of course fashion magazines. 

Years in the industry? 
I've been working as a makeup artist since 2006. Beforehand, I worked as a fashion publicist and showroom manager. Through working alongside some of the top professionals in my field, I was able to refine my talent and discover a new love for the beauty industry. 


What is your secret makeup tip?
When you are apply your powder, Pat don’t swirl! If you swirl you just move all your hard work underneath and that in turn makes you patchy!

Favourite product?
My favourite product at the moment is Primer Oil! It’s a great primer for dry skin, can be mixed into foundation for a dewy finish and used on my spilt ends for luscious locks!  

Favourite on trend look?
My favourite makeup look at the moment is clean defined look. Bright glowing skin teamed with defined brows and a crisp bold lip.


What is your desert island product?
Tricky question! But I think I'd have to say Brow Tech to go. If my brows are groomed I feel like I can get away with just about anything else.

What  inspires you?
I find inspiration in lots of different places, but I do find working with or learning from other artists very inspiring. It can really motivate you to be more creative in your own work.

What is the best makeup tip you have?
Use a primer!  It really makes a difference to both the application and the wear of your makeup.